Fairview Gardens

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Fairview Gardens Farm is a suburban organic farm located next door to the Goleta Valley Library for more than 50 years. It is one of the few remaining farms not lost to the urbanization of Goleta. Since the fall of 2022, the farm has temporarily closed to redesign and revamp its operations, transition to regenerative agriculture, and to develop a garden for kids along with other community agricultural programming.

The Center for Urban Agriculture purchased the land in 1997 with a combination of County Board Supervisor grant awards, private and foundation gifts, and an agricultural easement held by the Land Trust. The easement protects the land and its use for organic biodynamic farming, community education, and employee housing forever. This agreement is unique—easements don’t typically specify agricultural methods, but the Center wanted it to reflect their strong commitment to organic farming.

Visiting Fairview Gardens—Temporarily Closed

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