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Why Should I Join?

You are an important part of our over 30 year journey to protect the natural resources, working farms and scenic beauty of Santa Barbara County. For every dollar received, the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County spends Hill at La Purisima Ranchninety-five cents saving land, restoring habitat and managing preserves and open spaces that allow us to connect with nature, embrace our local heritage and grow our food. With support from people like you, the Land Trust has protected over 27,000 acres of important coastal and rural lands.

Your regular contributions also show foundations and other Land Trust conservation partners how much our community believes in the benefit of our mission to protect irreplaceable natural lands. We need your support.

Click here to become a member by donating online.

If you prefer, click here to view and print our Membership Form.

Benefits of Membership

All members receive our newsletter, annual report, invitations and discounts to events featuring the places you help protect. Donors of $500 or more receive exclusive Land Trust note cards illustrated by local landscape artists—the special member levels below are determined each year by your annual gift:

We have introduced new recognition levels to honor the commitment of our most generous and consistent donors. Every single contribution matters, and every Land Trust donor receives invitations and discounts to our regular member events. We want to acknowledge the folks who help make even more conservation possible with the following levels determined each year by annual gifts or consistent giving history

CHAMPIONS: $5,000 annual gift or 20 consecutive years of support – May arrange a private tour for ten friends with a geologist or botanist at Arroyo Hondo Preserve; are invited to our Executive Director’s Luncheon; eligible to join property tours, special guided hikes and art events.

GUARDIANS: $2,500 annual gift or 15 consecutive years of support – Invited to our annual Executive Director’s Luncheon; eligible to join property tours, special guided hikes and art event

STEWARDS: $1,000 annual gift or 10 consecutive years of support – Eligible to join our annual property tour, special guided hikes and art events

PROTECTORS: $500 annual gift or 5 consecutive years of support – Eligible to join our special guided hikes and art events

Five Ways You Can Help Protect Santa Barbara County’s Open Space & Farmland

  1. Support local farmers and ranchers. Buying local produce and meats in stores and at farmer’s markets helps to maintain our county’s farming and ranching economy.students at Midland Ranch School
  2. Encourage your local school or civic group to organize field trips to protected lands. The Coronado Butterfly Preserve, Carpinteria Bluffs, Arroyo Hondo Preserve and Carpinteria Salt Marsh are excellent places for children and adults to learn about our natural world.
  3. Volunteer for trail work, habitat restoration or docent programs. Your helping hands are needed for trail work or habitat restoration at Arroyo Hondo, Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park and Coronado Butterfly Preserve. Docents are also needed at Arroyo Hondo and Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park.
  4. Support the Land Trust. By becoming a member or renewing your membership, you can directly help conserve Santa Barbara County’s unique natural lands and working farms and ranches.
  5. Give to the Land Trust Endowment. By giving a donation of cash or property, now or by bequest, to our Endowment Fund, you directly help us preserve land and resources year after year.

Planned Giving & Our Endowment

Bequests – The Land Trust has been remembered in wills through cash or property bequests. This is one of the simplest ways to make a future gift.

Charitable Remainder Trust (CRT) – With a CRT, appreciated assets are placed in an irrevocable trust, which the trust may invest or sell to provide income to the donor for life. Ultimately, the assets become the property of the Land Trust, while providing current tax savings.

Appreciated Assets – Appreciated assets such as real estate, stocks, bonds or securities can be donated and tax benefits realized from the donation without paying tax on capital gains.

There are many types of charitable gifts with substantial tax advantages. We encourage you to contact your professional tax advisor as to how best to structure a gift for your needs. The Land Trust, with the support of the Santa Barbara Foundation, can also help you learn more about these options. Call us at (805) 966-4520 for more information.

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