Earlier this month, 40 Land Trust donors who helped us meet our year end goal were given a behind-the-scenes look a several Land Trust properties! Traveling from Goleta to Los Alamos, we visited three farms/ranches, met with landowners at each property, and had lunch in the Hibbits Ranch walnut grove.

It was a lovely day! Great weather for exploring these farms and ranches and enjoyable company.

The properties we visited are complex, working agricultural lands, where agave, coffee, avocados, grapes, and walnuts have been tended by generations of families. Talking with these landowners reinforces the importance of conserving family farms and ranches and provides a fresh appreciation for the Land Trust’s work.

Special property tours such as this one are open to members of the Land Trust’s Conservation Circle. Become a member to join us on future tours.

For the full photo album of the tour, click here.