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In 2015 the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County and The Trust for Public Land protected the 780-acre Jordan property, a Lompoc Valley farm that dates to shortly after California became a state. The property will be permanently protected from
future residential development by an agricultural conservation easement, the first in the agriculturally rich Lompoc Valley.

The 780-acre property, located west of Lompoc and surrounded on three sides by Vandenberg Air Force Base, is now permanently protected. Produce grown on the farm, which includes a variety of flowers, fruits and vegetables like Brussels’ sprouts, artichokes, broccoli, cauliflower and lettuce, supplies restaurants, grocery stores and farmers’ markets throughout the county.

The Trust for Public Land worked out details of the permanent easement, which will be held and monitored by the Land Trust for Santa Barbara County. In addition to preserving the property’s agricultural resources, the easement preserves the
highly scenic qualities of the Lompoc Valley, as well as provides environmental benefits due to its adjacency to the Santa Ynez River along its northern boundary. Finally, the easement provides an incentive to other landowners in the area to
similarly protect their agricultural lands.

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