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Fairview Gardens with farmerFairview Gardens, Goleta

Fairview Gardens is home to the popular organic farm on Fairview Avenue next door to the Goleta public library. It is one of the few remaining farms not lost to the urbanization of Goleta. Thousands of people visit Fairview Gardens each year to shop at its farm stand, to take the self-guided farm tour, or to join in various fun and educational events sponsored by the Center for Urban Agriculture. The Land Trust helped the Center purchase the land at a discounted price by placing an agricultural easement on the farm. Grant funds awarded by the County Board of Supervisors, along with private and foundation gifts, helped complete the land purchase.Our 1997 agricultural easement requires that 88% of the land be used for agricultural production, with farm support, employee housing and educational uses allowed on the remaining land. This easement is unique in that it requires that Fairview Gardens use organic or biodynamic farming methods only. Conservation easements don’t typically specify agricultural methods, but the Center for Urban Agriculture is strongly committed to organic farming, and wanted the easement to reflect that commitment.

Visiting Fairview Gardens
You can visit the farm any day between 10am and sunset and follow the self-guided tour. No reservations necessary. Bring a picnic to enjoy at one of thepicnic tables around the farm. Visit Fairview Gardens’ web site for more info.

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