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Stories of the Land

Over the years, the Land Trust has conserved nearly 30,000 acres of land in Santa Barbara County—land we connect to in many different ways: as farmers, hikers, nature lovers, students, families.

Searching for the diverse ways Land Trust-conserved properties connect us with nature is the subject of our short film, Stories of the Land. This collection of stories is told by a few of the remarkable neighbors, farmers, teachers, and families we have gotten to know over the years, illustrating the powerful and diverse ways your support for the Land Trust touches lives.

*Give $50 or more and enter a drawing for a private weekend camping trip at the Arroyo Hondo Preserve.

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Your support for land conservation extends benefits throughout our community—you safeguard clean water and healthy food, sustain the regional economy, and ensure outdoor places for recreation and wildlife.

Our conservation staff are at work on more than 10 conservation easements, potentially protecting as much as 15,000 acres over the next eight months! Our year-end fundraising goal of $400,000 keeps us firing on all cylinders into 2021.

Your gift today has the power to impact hundreds of lives now and in the future. Your generosity matters.

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