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Healthy People Healthy Trails


The Land Trust is participating in a new program called Healthy People Healthy Trails (HPHT) launched in April by Sansum ClinicSanta Barbara County Trails Council and the National Park Service. HPHT brings health care, outdoor, and recreation organizations together to promote healthy outdoor physical activity.

Participating doctors will give their patients prescriptions for getting outside–patients they believe could benefit from being more physically active. Patients will also receive an HPHT starter kit, which includes maps for easy trails and paths, safety tips, and more. This program helps people who are not active to get started by connecting them to the tools and information they need. Walking is healthy, builds relationships, and makes people feel good.

Carpinteria Salt Marsh is one of five pilot locations in the HPHT program. The Carpinteria Salt Marsh is a special place to take a stroll–one of the largest and most ecologically important coastal estuaries in California. The marsh is a busy, healthy ecosystem filled with rare birds, fish, snails, sharks and plants. This 230-acre reserve is one of the only places left where the land meets the ocean, providing an essential environment for numerous plants and wildlife. It’s a wonderful place to visit and perfect for a new hiker. Just over a mile out and back, it’s an easy and level walk, well-signed with close parking.

The Land Trust is excited about this new partnership with the HPHT program.


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