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LTSBC 2015-06-20-64Our Father’s Day Campout at the 782-acre Arroyo Hondo Preserve was a great kick start to summer!  We had so much fun camping in the Hollister Meadow, playing games, painting ladybird beetles and sharing about the wild wonders of this special canyon.

Attendees got to meet Kisa, the peregrine falcon and learned about king snakes and pond turtles from Ted Mullen. We also had sky watching through a telescope, yoga, nature walks and live music by Fiddlin’ Dave and the Arroyo Boyz with Gurl (pictured below).

LTSBC 2015-06-20-23Special thank you to Preserve Managers John Warner and Jennifer Dunn, Fiddlin’ Dave and the Arroyo Boyz with Gurl, Ted Mullen, Bruce with Country Catering, Martin Meza with Astronomical Unit, Nancy Roman who offered morning yoga, Chris Mersey with Audubon’s Eyes in the Sky and our dedicated volunteers.

LTSBC 2015-06-21-7     LTSBC 2015-06-20-6

Check out more pictures here!

Credit to Sally Isaacson and Shelan Zuhdi for the photos.

If you would like to be added to the list for next year’s limited event, email Jennifer Stroh, Membership Coordinator.

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