Land Trust Projects

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Current Land Trust projects will permanently conserve some of our most beautiful ranch and farm land, as well as some of the county’s prime soil to natural and agricultural use.

Conservation agreements with private landowners will protect high priority wildlife corridors, watersheds and scenic resources on private ranches and farms, including regionally rare Blue and Valley oak woodland, with creeks and ponds that sustain rare and endangered plants and animals.

In addition to these conservation easements, the Land Trust is is working on the improvement of an important estuary habitat for many plany and animal species as well as migratory birds that travel along the California coast. Click on the link to view a photographic journal of the West Goleta Slough habitat restoration project.

The Land Trust is building partnerships with landowners, with local, state and national conservation groups, and with public and private grant agencies that provide grants and tax incentives for voluntary land conservation. Each of these conservation projects requires the Land Trust and its partners to raise public grants and private donations to purchase the proposed conservation easements.