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Next Generation of Conservationists

Intern Program

The Land Trust was founded in the mid-1980’s and over the past 30+ years has protected over 25,000 acres, spearheaded hundreds of acres of successful restoration projects, and sponsored on-going programs to educate both children and adults about the importance of protecting ranch, farm and open space land for future generations.

We are supported by dedicated staff, a Board of Trustees, an Advisory Board and a cadre of incredible volunteers. As of Summer 2017, we have a position open for an intern to help support our work throughout Santa Barbara County.

Komal Toor AvoFest Oct 2016

Our NextGen interns focus on community outreach and engagement all while using existing skills and developing new ones. Target audiences will include land owners, people involved in farming and ranching, families of current members, other conservation and outdoor recreation groups, college students and faculty, and foundation trustees. A specific work plan will be prepared directed by the skills and interests of the intern, and will likely include outreach through social media, special events of interest to young people and families, presentations at meetings and events sponsored by other organizations.

If you are interested in learning more about our Intern Program, please contact Jennifer Stroh, Membership Coordinator.


Intern Paige at MUS  NextGen interns

Help Us Serve

We are interested to learn more about:

  • What does conserving land and resources mean to you?
  • How can we capture and sustain your attention and the attention of people in your age group?
  • How can we provide meaningful ways to work together?

We encourage you to take our brief, online survey to help us learn!

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