Next Generation of Conservationists

The Land Trust was founded in the mid-1980’s and over the past 29 years has completed 45 land conservation projects, protected nearly 24,000 acres, spearheaded hundreds of acres of successful restoration projects, and sponsored on-going programs to educate both children and adults about the importance of protecting ranch, farm and open space land for future generations.

Next Generation of Conservationists

As our organization has matured, so have our membership base and board leadership. In order to keep fulfilling our mission in the years ahead, the Land Trust needs to engage with the next generation of ranchers, farmers, and lovers of the beautiful natural areas of the county. In response to this need, we have launched our NextGen program, reaching out to the next generation of conservationists.

looking at maps NExtGen

We had our first introduction and brain-storming meeting at Arroyo Hondo in February and were impressed by the motivated, knowledgeable and interesting group of people that joined us.

Help Us Serve

At the next session as in the previous, we hope to engage in an open-ended discussion to learn more about:

  • What does conserving land and resources mean to you?
  • How can we capture and sustain your attention and the attention of people in your age group?
  • How can we provide meaningful ways to work together?

Intern Program

NextGen interns

Our NextGen interns focus on community outreach and engagement all while using existing skills and developing new ones. If you are interested in joining our intern program, please email Jennifer Stroh, Membership Coordinator, to learn about our available positions.

We encourage you to take our brief, online survey to help us learn more about what conservation means to you!